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32” solar powered TV

Producer: cello
Product group: TV
Product subgroup: > 20''

Product details


These TVs are a world first. They can be operated in remote regions of the world where electricity supply is either regularly disrupted or non-existent.

The 22” and 32” solar powered all-in-one packages include the LED TV, portable solar panel, TV aerial and lighting in one box.

The Cello solar powered TV is an out of the box solution that is simple to operate. The TV is positioned in the
house whilst the solar panel and smart antenna are placed in a suitable location outdoors.

Main features

Model #: n.a.

Screen size: 32''

Power: 12V DC 

Load (power consumption): n.a.

Resolution:  n.a.

Brightness: n.a.

Signal: DVB-T2

Digital Tuner: n.a.

Connectivity: USB, HDMI, CAM slot

Extras: 2 LED lamps included + battery pack, mobile charging

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