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Adjustable Solar Electric Fence Controller 

Producer: Thunderbolt Magnum Solar
Category: Appliances
Options: Electric fences
Mangoo Policy not signed
Not Lighting Global certified
Not ISO certified

Product details

Using the sun to power an electric fence makes so much sense in remote locations. This solar fencer can electrify 3 to 5 miles of single-strand fencing wire, and you can adjust its solar panel's angle to capture more solar power at your location. The solar fencer is designed to keep only animals confined to a specific area by emitting an electrical shock. Copper terminal posts are marked red (positive) and black (negative) for quick and easy hook-up. A ground rod (not included) is required to properly ground this solar fence control. Impact-resistant housing.

Main Features

Model #: n.a.

AC and/or DC: DC, 8.7V

Load: 1.3 W

Size of battery: 4.5Ah/6V

Type of battery: Lead acid

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