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AllinOnePV 6,48 kWp Hybrid 5kW 48V 7,2kWh Lithium

Producer: Bosswerk/GreenAkku
Category: Systems
Options: 48V, >200Wp, LiFePO, >100 Ah
Mangoo Policy not signed
Not Lighting Global certified
Not ISO certified

Product details

Maximum self consumption with storage

AllinOnePV converts the gained solar power into grid-compliant alternating current and feeds it directly to your home grid. The excess power can be stored in a battery or feed into the public grid. The most efficient way to use solar power is right away when you get it. So you are able to cover your consumption at daytime. But at night time you still need to use grid power, even when you have a lot of excess power at daytime. AllinOnePV is the soulution to use as much solar power as possible by yourself. For this purpose, the excess energy during the hours of sunshine will be stored in a battery for later use. When this power is needed, it will be fed into your home grid. Only when the batteries are complitly full and no power is needed, the excess power will be fed into the public grid.

Main Features

Model #: FSP5-7

AC and/or DC: n.a.

Size of panel (Wp): 24 x 270 Wp

Size of battery (Ah): 7.2 kWh / 48 V

Type of battery: LiFePo4 Lithium

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