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Combined icelined refrigerator/waterpacks freezer MKF 074

Producer: Vestfrost Solutions
Category: Appliances
Options: Refrigerators/Freezers
Mangoo Policy not signed
Not Lighting Global certified
ISO certified

Product details

Combined vaccine refrigerator and icepack freezer. Stable temperature control is ensured via the electronic thermostat, heating element system and the specially designed icelining. The actual temperature is readily checked on the external digital thermometer. Efficient 80mm insulation and the icelining ensure long hold-over time in case of power cut. The cabinet is equipped with baskets, allowing organized storage.  

Main Features

Model #: MKF 074

AC and/or DC: 115-220-240 V

Load: n.a.

Gross capacity: 54 L (16 L vaccine storage capacity)

Freezer yes / no: yes

WHO certified: yes

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