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Diaphragm Submersible Pump SDS-D-228

Producer: SunPumps
Category: Appliances
Options: Submersible
Mangoo Policy not signed
Not Lighting Global certified
Not ISO certified

Product details

Sun Pumps SDS-D series submersible pumps are one of the most highest quality, low voltage DC pumps on the market. They were the first diaphragm submersible introduced to the solar industry in 1988 and have an excellent performance record.
The SDS series pumps are easy to install by hand without any special equipment. The pump includes a double shrink splice kit and a 1/2" poly pipe compression fitting.
The maximum pumping lift of the SDS-D-228 is 230 feet.  

Main features

Model #: SDS-D-228

AC and/or DC: 12 – 30 V DC

Type of pump: Submersible, diaphragm pump

Max. flow rate: 1.1-3.0 l/min

Head: 70 m 

Modules: n.a.

Pump motor: n.a.

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