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Home 200 X2 (discontinued)

Producer: NIWA
Category: Systems
Options: < 12V, 0-19Wp, LiFePO, 0-9Ah
Mangoo Policy signed
Lighting Global certified
Not ISO certified

Product details

Home 200 X2 is Niwa's mid-range Starter System for entering the world of Modular-Solar-Systems (MSS). With 2x ceiling lamps the system offers a very comfortable start into complete energy independence. Each lamp offers impressive 100 Lumen brightness which brings total system brightness to 200 Lumen. More than enough for the living room, kitchen or sleeping room.

All lamps are water and dust proof and can also be installed as outdoor lamps serving as security lights. Lamps can be individually dimmed (3x Light Modes for each Lamp) according to the situation of use, room size and sunshine duration at a particular day. Dimming takes place conveniently at a wall switch for each lamp.

Main Features

Model #: H200

Size of panel (Wp): 5 W

Size of battery (Ah): 3 Ah / 3.2 V

Type of battery: Lithium iron phosphate

Light points: 2

Lighting Global certified: yes

Available in:

Asia: Pakistan, Philippines
Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire

Dealers and Prices

Dealer Country / FOB Price
Jumia Cameroun Cameroon / Cameroon XAF 260,000.00
( USD 468.00 )
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Suntech Énergie Solaire Côte d'Ivoire / Abidjan XAF 65,000.00
( USD 117.00 )
Contact dealer
STM Solar Technologies Manufacturing Ethiopia / Ethiopia ETB 2,360.00
( USD 55.46 )
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SunTransfer Kenya Kenya / Kenya KES 10,000.00
( USD 93.00 )
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Sollatek Electronics Kenya Ltd Kenya / Mombasa KES 10,260.00
( USD 95.42 )
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Sosai Renewable Energies Company Nigeria / Kaduna NGN 53,000.04
( USD 137.80 )
Contact dealer
Harness Energy Pakistan / Pakistan PKR 9,499.00
( USD 61.74 )
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Hybrid Social Solutions (HSSi) Philippines / Philippines PHP 9,150.00
( USD 190.32 )
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Sollatek Tanzania Tanzania / Tanzania USD 105.00 Contact dealer