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Multi 300 XL

Producer: NIWA
Category: Light
Options: Table, Hanging, 3 - 3,9 Wp
Mangoo Policy signed
Lighting Global certified
Not ISO certified

Product details

Multi 300 XL is the world's brightest portable solar light. The product is well equipped for all everyday situations indoors and outdoors. The 300 Lumen ultra bright light mode is especially important for emergency situations. Its feature set, durable design and strong performance makes it the perfect product for people living without electricity looking for a high quality products.

Multi 300 XL offers powerful 300 Lumen of LED light and mobile phone charging capability at the same time. It’s innovative battery technology leaves behind all the downsides of today’s laptop and cell phone batteries: Extreme long lifetime (2000 cycles), no-Memory effect and eco-friendliness. Multi 300 XL comes with Niwa’s powerful Solar 200 panel for very comfortable solar charging. Multi 300 sets the bar new for what we can expect from portable solar products.  


Main Features

Model #: Multi 300 XL

Size of panel (Wp): 3 W

Size of battery (Ah): 3.0 Ah / 3.2 V

Type of battery: Lithium iron phosphate

Lumen: 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 / 300 lm

Lighting Global certified: yes

Available tests

Lighting Global: 


Off Grid Solar Scorecard

Grade C


Useful links

Manufacturer's website

Awango program website

Available in:

Asia: Pakistan, Philippines
Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Côte d'Ivoire

Dealers and Prices

Dealer Country / FOB Price
Harness Energy Pakistan / Pakistan PKR 3,799.00
( USD 24.69 )
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STM Solar Technologies Manufacturing Ethiopia / Ethiopia ETB 1,150.00
( USD 27.03 )
Contact dealer
SunTransfer Kenya Kenya / Kenya KES 3,000.00
( USD 27.90 )
Contact dealer
Sollatek Electronics Kenya Ltd Kenya / Mombasa KES 4,140.00
( USD 38.50 )
Contact dealer
Sollatek Tanzania Tanzania / Tanzania USD 45.00 Contact dealer
Sosai Renewable Energies Company Nigeria / Kaduna NGN 19,000.08
( USD 49.40 )
Contact dealer
Hybrid Social Solutions (HSSi) Philippines / Philippines PHP 3,900.00
( USD 81.12 )
Contact dealer
AD SOLAR Côte d'Ivoire / Abidjan XAF 55,000.00
( USD 99.00 )
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