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OvCamp HS1-144_LB2244

Producer: Omnivoltaic Power
Category: Systems
Options: 12V, 20-49Wp, LiFePO, 10-19 Ah
Mangoo Policy signed
Lighting Global certified
Not ISO certified

Product details

This package, featuring the ovCamp™ 150Wh Energy Hub, 4 high-efficiency high-output LED bulbs, and ovPlugo™ flexible cabling system, contains all the parts required for setting up a solar home lighting system for any room configuration. The use of modern lithium LFP battery gives the system very long life and low volume/weight to capacity ratio compared to traditional lead-acid battery technology. High efficiency LED bulbs convert each watt of power into more than 100 lumens of light, generating a total of 1180 lumens of output. From a single day’s solar charging, the system can run for more than 12 hours.

Main Features

Model #: HS1-144_LB2244

Size of panel (Wp): 36 W

Size of battery (Ah): 13 Ah / 12.8 V

Type of battery: Lithium iron phosphate

Light points: 4

Lighting Global certified: yes

Available tests

Lighting Global: 


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Available in:

Africa: Kenya
Asia: Philippines

Dealers and Prices

Dealer Country / FOB Price
Powerpoint Systems (EA) LTD Kenya / Nairobi KES 85,700.00
( USD 797.01 )
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One Renewable Energy Philippines / Manila PHP 25,000.00
( USD 520.00 )
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