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PayGo Solar TV package

Producer: Azuri Technologies Ltd
Category: Systems
Options: < 12V, 50-99Wp, LiFePO, 0-9Ah, with Fan / TV, > 20'', All radios, with Power system
Mangoo Policy not signed
Lighting Global certified
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Product details

Complete home TV PayGo package

Azuri has partnered with leading home entertainment satellite provider, Zuku, to deliver the first complete pay-as-you-go satellite TV package for households without electricity in the Kenyan market, complete with:

  • 24-inch super slim LED TV
  • Zuku SMART+ Satellite TV Service with 50 TV and 21 radio channels
  • 4x high brightness LED lamps, for use inside and outside the home
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Portable radio

Main Features

Model #: n.a.

Screen size: 24''

Power: 12V DC

Load (power consumption): n.a.

Resolution: n.a.

Brightness: n.a.

Signal: n.a.

Digital Tuner: n.a.

Connectivity: n.a.

Additional features:

  • 50W panel
  • 6.6 Ah / 12.8 V Lithium iron phosphate battery
  • 4 LEDs
  • Zuku Satellite dish
  • Zuku SMART+ Satellite TV Service with 50 TV and 21 radio channels
  • Portable radio
  • torch
  • phone charger

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Africa: Kenya

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Dealer Country / FOB Price
Azuri Kenya Kenya / Kenya KES 90,090.00
( USD 837.84 )
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