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Phoenix Inverter C12/1200

Producer: Victron Energy
Category: Components
Options: Off-Grid, 1001 - 2000 VA
Mangoo Policy not signed
Not Lighting Global certified
ISO certified

Product details

The Phoenix Inverter Compact is a pure sine wave inverter with a high efficiency. It is developed for professional duty and suitable for the wide range of applications. 
The Phoenix Inverters Compact is available from 1200VA up to 2000VA in 12V or 24V.

Main Features

Model: C12/1200

Input (DC):

  • Max. generator power: n.a.
  • Max. input voltage: n.a.
  • Max. input current: n.a.

Output (AC):

  • Rated power: n.a.
  • Max. AC apparent power: 1200 VA
  • Max. output current: n.a.

Warranty: n.a.

Available in:

Asia: India

Dealers and Prices

Dealer Country / FOB Price
Auroville Energy Products (AEP) India / Auroville INR 27,668.55
( USD 373.53 )
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