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Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct 12/375

Producer: Victron Energy
Category: Components
Options: Off-Grid, 0 - 500 VA
Mangoo Policy not signed
Not Lighting Global certified
ISO certified

Product details

Inverters allow you to power domestic equipment - requiring 230V/120V AC - using 'leisure' or 'automotive' batteries rated at 12V, 24V or 48V DC.

250VA, 375VA, 500VA, 800VA, 1200VA

Main Features

Model: 12/375

Input (DC):

  • Max. generator power: n.a.
  • Max. input voltage: n.a.
  • Max. input current: n.a.

Output (AC):

  • Rated power: n.a.
  • Max. AC apparent power: 375 VA
  • Max. output current: n.a.

Warranty: n.a.

Available in:

Asia: India
Africa: Uganda

Dealers and Prices

Dealer Country / FOB Price
Auroville Energy Products (AEP) India / Auroville INR 7,510.65
( USD 101.39 )
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Jumia Uganda Uganda / Uganda UGX 620,400.00
( USD 186.12 )
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