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sunlight pump

Producer: ennos ag
Category: Appliances
Options: Surface, solo
Mangoo Policy signed
Not Lighting Global certified
Not ISO certified

Product details

  • 0.5HP (375W) solar power pump – operating from multiple panel configurations from 100 to 400W
  • Bluetooth interface to monitor the performance of the pump and diagnose technical problems
  • Integrated water flow and tank overflow sensors for an automated and simple operation of the pump system
  • Integrated Data Logger for monitoring and research (statistic operation data)
  • Battery Mode Controller – for operating with multiple battery voltage levels and integrated battery protection
  • Fuzzy Logic Motor and PV Controller –  for integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking and variable speed operation
  • A pay-as-you-go software can be easily implemented

Main features

Model #: n.a.

AC and/or DC: DC 

Type of pump: Surface

Max. flow rate: 15,000 liters/day (extended to 55,000 liters/day with a battery)

Head: 40 m

Modules: 100 to 400 W

Pump motor: 0.5 HP (375W)

Available tests

No available test reports


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