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SV19 solar LED TV

Producer: d.light
Category: Appliances
Options: < 20'', solo
Mangoo Policy signed
Not Lighting Global certified
Not ISO certified

Product details

Bring home the window to the world with the new d.light SV19 solar LED TV. This TV can be powered off of the X-series home system, and comes with an in-built DVBT-2 tuner, allowing to access scores of free-to-air channels at the press of a button. The award-winning TV was recently recognized by Global Leap as the most efficient off-grid TV appliance in its class, allowing you to watch up to 8 hours of TV or USB content, for free!

Product Highlights

Low Power Consumption: The d.light SV19 consumes very low power, allowing you to watch more hours of TV without putting a strain on your home system

In-built DVBT-2 tuner: SV19’s in-built tuner allows you to freely access locally available free-to-air channels without needing a separate set-top box. Just plug in a UHF antenna and you’re set for life!

Supports multiple formats: The SV19 supports content via DTV, USB, HDMI or AV cable in full HD. All these sources can be accessed and configured with one button press on the remote.

Main features

Screen size: 19''

Power: 12V DC

Load (power consumption): n.a.

Resolution: 1080

Brightness: n.a.

Signal: n.a.

Digital Tuner: n.a. 

Connectivity: DTV, USB, HDMI, AV 

Additional features: In-built DVBT-2 tuner

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