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VarioString Dual MPPT Solar charge controller VS-120

Producer: Studer Innotec
Category: Components
Options: 48V, MPPT, 11 - 30A
Mangoo Policy signed
Not Lighting Global certified
ISO certified

Product details

The VS-120 is recommended for PV capacities up to 7kWp, and charges the battery with a maximum current of 120A. Its two MPPT inputs offer very flexible connections of the PV modules. The inputs can be connected in parallel, in series or independently. With the inputs connected in series, the string of PV modules can have a voltage up to 900V, all this without special tools and with reusable connectors.

The battery management parameters can be adjusted on the inside of the device. On the outside, an LED display indicates the battery charge current and state of the VS-120.

Given the specific system needs, several accessories can be added such as the Remote Control and Programming Centre RCC-02/03, a module with 2 auxiliary contacts ARM-02, a battery temperature sensor BTS-01, a battery status processor BSP-500/1200, or one of the communication sets Xcom-LAN/GSM/SMS.

The VS-120 has a remote entry which provides the option to control the system from several parameters that can be programmed with the RCC-02/03.

The combination of the VS-120 and Xtender series is the ideal solution for hybrid systems with several power sources such as solar PV, genset, etc.…

Main Features

Model: VS-120

Rated solar, load or diversion current: 13A

System Voltage: 48V

Maximum solar voltage (Voc): 600V  

Warranty: 10 Years

Available in:

Africa: Nigeria

Dealers and Prices

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The Solar Shop Ltd Nigeria / Lagos NGN 664,125.00
( USD 1,726.73 )
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