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Villageboom High Power

Producer: Villageboom GmbH
Category: Light
Options: Table, 4 - 4,9 Wp, Hanging
Mangoo Policy signed
Lighting Global certified
Not ISO certified

Product details

Since 2008, Villageboom has been designing solar-powered lights that offer a quality source of illumination at a price that meets the needs of the world's poorest regions.

Previously, only a few solar-powered lights had been available on the market that was provided suitable performance and quality at a price point that could serve their needs. Villageboom's solar-powered lights has undergone continuous, systematic improvements since 2008 to help it better meet the needs of the market at a fully optimized cost-benefit ratio. Due to our lean cost structure, the lamps can be offered in these developing countries at some 30% less than comparable products. These lamps can provide light for up to four hours even when set at the highest level of brightness of 200 lumens, making the Money Saver Solar Light one of the most powerful lamps in its class.

Main Features

Model #: VB-012

Size of panel (Wp): 4 W

Size of battery (Ah): 2.6 Ah / 3.7 V

Type of battery: Lithium-ion

Lumen: 19 / 170 lm

Lighting Global certified: yes

Available tests 

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Africa: Nigeria

Dealers and Prices

Dealer Country / FOB Price
SOLAR HOUSE Nigeria / Nigeria NGN 9,360.00
( USD 24.34 )
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