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YLSYS 1200 Series

Producer: Yingli Solar
Category: Systems
Options: 12V, >200Wp, others, >100 Ah
Mangoo Policy not signed
Not Lighting Global certified
ISO certified

Product details

Off-grid Solar Power System converts solar energy to AC electric energy through solar module and inverter device, which can meet basic electricity demand for home lighting and appliances.

Meantime, the DC electric energy from the solar system can supply to the DC facilities, such as mobile phone, lap-top computer, etc.

Off-grid Solar Power System can be widely used in many different places, such as solar family power supply, road monitoring system, tunnel power supply system, communication base station, forest fire prevention, environmental monitoring, grassland ranch, fishermen farming, border post and any places where have no electricity or are short of electricity. 

Main Features

AC and/or DC: n.a.

Size of panel (Wp): 8 x 140 W

Size of battery (Ah): 4 x 12V/150 Ah

Type of battery: VRLA battery

Available tests

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